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WATER PURIFIER DEALER FOR KENT RO CITI SERVICES KENT Elite II PRODUCT Kent Elite-II USP High purification capacity upto 50 litres hour INSTALLATION For attachment with water coolers TECHNOLOGY RO+UF+TDS Controller PURIFICATION CAPACITY 50**litres/hour MAX. DUTY CYCLE 250 Liters/Day STORAGE TANK CAPACITY 8/20 litres (Optional) FILTER CARTRIDGES >> Sediment, Activated Carbon, Carbon Block UF Post Carbon AUTO-FLUSHING Yes RO MEMBRANE Filmtec 1812-75 GPD (4 Nos) UF MEMBRANE 0.01 Micron MIN. INLET WATER PRESSURE 0.3 kg cm2 MAX. INLET WATER PRESSURE 3 kg cm2 INPUT VOLTAGE 100-300V AC (50Hz) OPERATING VOLTAGE 24V DC DIMENSIONS L450 W260 H870 (mm) NET WEIGHT 27.50 kgs contact us for more info For best water purifier, kent water purifier, kent elite, kent ro system, kent water purifier models, kent uv water purifier, best kent water purifier, best kent ro water purifier, kent ro latest model, cost of kent water purifier, kent ro best price, kent ro uv purifier, kent ro mineral water purifier price, kent ro and uv
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