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3M WATER PURIFIER IN CHENNAI / T.NAGAR/ K.K.NAGAR / NUNGAMBAKKAM / WEST MAMBALAM / CITI SERVICES 3M Water Purifier - IAS-801F Large capacity system reduces sediment to help provide cleaner, clearer better tasting water by filtering out sediment and other contaminants from the water used throughout your entire home. The 3M™ Aqua-Pure™ ™ Water Filter System is an ideal whole-house water-filtration system for larger homes and commercial buildings. It reduces particulate, rust, and the taste and odor of chlorine, improving the quality of cloudy, colored or musty water. By improving the clarity, taste, and odor of tap water, it provides an economical alternative to bottled drinking water. The filter system provides a heavy flow rate and is simple to install. The whole house water filter system, manufactured by 3M Purification Inc., formerly CUNO Incorporated, is for larger homes and commercial applications. Installed at point-of-entry, the water-filtration system has a single vessel design with 1-inch inlet and outlet ports. All parts are manufactured from FDA CFR-21 compliant materials. The system provides a flow rate of 20 gallons (75.7 liters) per minute. It operates at water pressures up to 100 psi (690 kPa) and operating temperatures up to 100°F (37.8°C). A pressure relief button is incorporated into the system for ease in cartridge replacement. 3M recommends replacement of the filter cartridge every six months at a minimum and regularly scheduled maintenance in order for the product to perform as advertised. The disposable filter cartridge must be replaced sooner than six months if a noticeable reduction in flow rate occurs. It should not be used with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system. >>Built-in pressure relief >>Manufactured from FDA CFR-21 compliant materials >>10 year limited warranty >>Clear housing for easy viewing of cartridge >>Easy, time-saving filter cartridge replacement contact us for more info For purification of water, whole home water filtration system, buy water softener, home water softener system, 3m purification, 3m water purifier, 3m filtration system, 3m home water filter, 3m water softener price, 3m water purification system, 3m ro filter, 3m purifier
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